BENN Water & Heavy Transport is a third generation, family-owned and operated, trucking business serving all of Rhode Island and much of eastern Connecticut with bulk water deliveries.  We provide water for pools, spas, cisterns, and many other residential, construction, or commercial needs.  If your need is unique feel free to call and see how we can help.

Our business philosophy is simple: Provide customers with quality work and valuable knowledge that comes from fifty years in business.


Pricing is competitive and clear, with no hidden fees, and we offer a number of options for unique needs, including partial load rates.  

Tanker capacity: Our tankers deliver up to 8,000 gallons and we also have smaller trucks that can accommodate smaller orders, or locations for which a tractor-trailer wouldn't be appropriate. 

Rental Tanks and temporary water supply options are available for a number of different needs.  Please call to see how we can help.

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Call or Text: 401.377.2561


PO Box 86

Ashaway, RI 02804

When Calling, you’ll be asked a few important questions:  

1. How much water do you need? If your pool is empty, just inform us of your pool's dimensions and we will know the approximate number of loads needed for a fill.  If you need a top-off, then simply measure from the current waterline to the top of the skimmer box opening to derive the number of inches of water needed.  This measurement is then multiplied against the gallons per inch for your size pool (see chart provided).

2. Is your driveway accessible to large trucks?  Driveway information ensures that we will arrive with proper equipment and finish the job without damaging property. Valuable information would include things like new pavement, narrow driveways, and/or sharp turns. 

3. How would you like to make payment?  We accept check or credit cards.  Secure credit card transactions can be completed on-site or through our office.  We want your experience with us to be clear and easy. 

Finally, fitting a delivery into your busy schedule is easy because if you have work or other obligations that demand your attention then payment and invoicing can be completed through the office before or after delivery.  


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